My $1B market is bigger than yours

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Hamster in a wheel

When I stepped into my second consecutive Starbuck’s to meet Nir Eyal at the end of a long day, my brain was squishy.  The hamster in there was just sitting on his wheel, biding his time.  But from the moment Nir opened his mouth, the ideas flowed out and forced me to think and reconsider… Read more »

Go bottom up, not belly up

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03 iStock_000020640797_Small future city

What a TAM!  If you’re an entrepreneur who’s tried to raise funds, or you’ve even glanced at an article about market sizing, then you’ve probably been asked to think about the size of your total addressable market.  How much money each year (from now through 2017…) will be spent on products or services in your… Read more »