Our History:

Richmond has been at the vanguard of global venture capital since 1995. We are active, early stage investors in the U.S. and active, growth stage investors in global markets. We do not chase trends. We embrace big opportunities early. Managing Partners Peter Kellner and David Frazee have worked together for a decade growing companies that span five continents.

Our strategy has permitted us to be diversified by sector and geography, achieving strong returns throughout cycles.

Managing Partners:

Peter Kellner, Managing Partner

Peter Kellner is recognized globally as one of the first emerging markets venture investors and is a co-founder of Endeavor, where he sourced two of Latin America’s most iconic entrepreneurial successes of the 1990s, Patagon and OfficeNet.

E-Mail: Peter.Kellner@rglobal.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/peter-kellner

David Frazee, Managing Partner

David Frazee has advised globally innovative businesses and governments since the 1990s, has hands on operating experience, and is an expert on global innovation.

E-Mail: David.Frazee@rglobal.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/david-frazee